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Frequently Asked Questions - How can I get the cheapest deal?

Are you looking for affordable cheap motor trade insurance? If you are, then you are in the right place. We are specialists in providing, any driver, any vehicle, traders policies starting from just £495.
Below we have listed your questions and answers such as What does it cost? Can anyone get cheap traders insurance, Would I be able to add high performance cars to the policy, can younger drivers under 25 be included, where can I get trade insurance cover? If you are under 25 years old, or under 21 years old, there are various options to suit each individual situation.


What Is Motor Trade Insurance?

A Motor Trade Insurance policy is also referred to as Road Risk Insurance. It is taken out by someone who runs a business involving anything to do with cars, motorbikes and vans such as buying and selling cars, repairing and servicing, valeting, running a garage or MOT centre etc. The size of your business does not matter or whether you work full or part time cover can be arranged.
Let us look at the types of policies available and what they cover.

Traders Insurance Third Party Only

By law, at very least, a Third Party Only policy is required by a owner if the proprietor a) repairs, services or restores vehicles, b) is a vehicle fitter, mobile tuner, or valet c) runs an MOT centre or garage. d) sells and buys vehicles for profit e) drives his/her own vehicle or that of a customer on the public roadway, has any of those vehicles on the business premises or at the customer's or his/her home address. How much does it cost for young drivers is answered on a dedicated page.
Any driver who is named on the policy is permitted to drive any vehicles in relation to the motor trade and are covered for damage to the other party's vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft covers a trader for all those things mentioned above in Third Party plus also included is cover for the loss or damage to vehicles that are under the motor trader's control or for fire and theft. Any third party injury, damage or claims are also covered.


On top of the things mentioned above in third party and third party, fire and theft comprehensive cover also includes accidental damage to any vehicles that the motor trader owns or has responsibility for.

Motor Trade Liability Insurance

This includes public liability, employer's liability and sales and service indemnity. With employer's liability the motor trader is indemnified in the event of any employees sustaining an injury. With public liability the motor trader is indemnified due to any injury caused to the public plus loss or damage of property. With sales & service Indemnity the motor trader is indemnified for injury or accidental damage to any property due to the buying or selling of new or used vehicles, the sale or supply of products connected with the motor trade and the alteration, maintenance, inspection, repair, testing, servicing or cleaning of vehicles.

Combined Motor Trade Insurance

Combines insurance covers premises, money, tools, vehicles, liabilities and contents. In addition the motor trader's whole business is protected and it also covers traders who operate their business from home and business premises.


Why do I need Motor Trade Insurance?

The law says you do! If you were a motor trader you would be breaking the law by not bothering to take out Motor Trade Insurance. The type of Motor Trade Insurance you should consider very much depends upon what area of the motor trade business you operate within. If you wish to join a trade government body and register log in and obtain guidance then please see the link provided. Finding the right deal for you and how it is financed with no deposit is any drivers problem and getting cover that can allow you to add and remove vehicles when you are sure that it is the right thing for the person. Why would you want to change vehicles , well the answer is that you are trading cars and buying and selling to make a profit and earn a living. What would be the problem if you were uninsured is that in the event of a crash you could not get anything back to allow you to purchase another car or van. This is more challenging if you are a younger person under 25 years old. Comparing and reviewing the cover needed will buy you time until the renewal comes around. Make sure that you have considered all companies such as Tradewise , Tradex , One Sure , Evans and Lewis, and Bollingtons before you buy and think what would be best and not the top price around. One of you expert advisers can assist you and can save you a significant amount of money on all your cars and other vehicles.

Road Risk


With a personal car insurance policy the driver and the vehicle being insured are detailed in the policy. A motor trade policy only mentions the driver to be insured (not the vehicle) so you are permitted to drive any vehicle as long as it is for motor trade purposes. Whether you are driving a vehicle that belongs to you, or a customer's vehicle that is under your control and custody, you would be covered.

Levels of Cover

You now need to make a decision as to what level of Road Risk insurance you want. As with personal car insurance there are three choices- third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive with the first being the cheapest and the last the most expensive to arrange.

Third Party - legally this is the minimum requirement to drive a vehicle on the public highway. This covers damage, loss or injury to third parties i.e. other vehicles and people but does not cover your own vehicle or yourself although your passengers would be covered.

Third Party Fire and Theft - in addition to what is covered under third party this level of cover pays out for damage, theft, fire or loss to vehicles under the motor trader's control or custody.

Comprehensive - in addition to the above two levels of cover, you are covered for accidental damage to any vehicles that you either have control and custody of or own. If you were driving one of your customer's cars and it was involved in an accident and damaged the insurance company would pay for the repairs (less the excess).
A Third Party policy is also a requirement if the motor trader a) runs an MOT centre or garage, b) repairs, services or restores vehicles, c) is a vehicle fitter, valet or mobile tuner. There are numerous trades that con be covered and also a combination of these. If you are just getting started and are under 25 then help is available from associations and governing bodies that focus on this sector of market. Looking for the right cover with all drivers included is important for the security of your business. You will also need to consider the maximium level of indemnity you require to keep your exposure to a minimum.

Liability Insurance

Public Liability - if you operate your business from premises that customers visit you are obliged to provide a safe environment. If one of them trips over an object and injures themselves this cheap insurance provides cover should they seek compensation as would be the case if the hand-brake was incorrectly adjusted during a service causing the customer to have an accident as this could be covered within the Servicing and Defective Workmanship section of the Public Liability Insurance.

Product Liability - if you fitted a faulty part such as a brake pad that resulted in an accident and your customer subsequently sued you, your insurer could sue the manufacturer of the brake pad.

Employer's Liability - if you employ someone this is a legal requirement and covers you should your employee die or be injured whilst at work.


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How Much Does Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

Are you a newly passed driver looking to get motoring with a cheap policy that covers you and all the vehicles and cars that you own. Whats is the best solution when setting up and who will help trading to start. Gaining a greater understanding of what needs to be done is easy if you know here to go. Who is the best broker can all my staff be included. Can I set my own level of indemnity to cover high performance cars and will the be on the government database. Time and time again some operators forget to do all all the research needed and this can lead to the price being too expensive and then a new quote has to be found. If my policy was cancelled then what refund would I get. These are all potential pitfalls but see our guide and chat on our blog to get up to date with what polices are available. We can also tell you all the best insurers in the market. Would I be able to transfer my car policy over to get trader motor insurance for a new set up operation and cover a possible employee or family member if I get a business use premises. This can really help new starts get set up and keep the monthly costs to a minimum.

Let us give you an idea of the information that will be required so that you can have it to hand to complete the quotation form.
Obviously your personal details such as your name, address, contact details, date of birth, male or female and occupation.
Also, the number of years no claims bonus for both your private car insurance and existing motor trade insurance, how long have you been in the motor trade, do you work full or part time, is premises cover required. If you are looking and searching for more information with specialist help to find a cheap solution then follow the highlighted text. Other questions are. What types of liability insurance is required, is combined insurance required, when would you like the policy to start, in the last five years have you had any motoring accidents or motoring convictions, are there to be any other named drivers on the policy if so the same information will be required for them. If you are searching for a forum for help then please follow the blue text and this will lead you the the right site
As a guide these are some of the circumstances that may result in lower and cheaper premiums: -

What's The Best Way To Get Motor Trade Insurance With Dr10 And Criminal Convictions?

Let's first be clear about motoring offences, of course all citations should be taken seriously but if in layman's terms it is a serious conviction then the majority of drivers, both young drivers and the old in the UK do pick up minor motoring penalties during their driving lifetime. One could consider a DR10, which is a Drink Driving offence to be quite serious as it stays on your record for eleven years. This is an unavoidable truth that you will have to face up to for a quarter of your active driving life. It is an offence to try to conceal a conviction when taking out insurance, although this would be pretty difficult to do as every insurer has automatic access to your criminal driving history. Every insurer implores an applicant at quote stage to reveal every detail possible. To get a greater understanding and learn more about convictions flow the link. DR10 in comparison to other driving codes, alongside under the influence of drugs, and causing death comes with the highest driving record and eleven years.

Depending on the nature of your original DR10 conviction, you may receive a fine with the points penalty, if it was more serious a disqualification from driving for a certain period with a spent period in place, or you may undertake unpaid community work / receive a prison sentence. Without a doubt a driving ban will exclude you from being accepted for motor trade insurance. If you have points a DR10 / TT99 or are looking for the best convicted driver insurance quote Axa or Peacock can assist but Evans and Lewis arte the specialists. The law states that everyone should have a form of insurance when driving a vehicle, therefore while an insurer is not obliged to provide it, they can certainly put an hefty monthly premium on one should they wish to.

Where Do I Find Motor Trade Insurance For Dr10 And Criminal Convictions?

A specialist motor trade broker will not judge you on your motoring conviction. Their job is simply to find you the best deal, a discount monthly premium if possible, from any of the major insurers such as ourselves, Aviva or AXA. They undertake this task by researching your driving history and pass the quote to an underwriter who assesses your risk. How do I find the lowest quote. The reason a DR10 carries such a higher penalty point and why it stays on a person's record for such a long time is because of the possible underlying reasons for being over the drink driving limit. These problems could be an issue going forward. Perhaps a DR10 shows you have a drinking problem, are careless, do not show responsibility. Yet on the other hand having already been passed judgement, it could have been a one off error in judgement. Naturally any no claims bonus will help, if you went to alcoholics anonymous or sought out help for a condition or took a driving re-test, these facts could help lower premiums but probably not to the level of payments you have been used to.

Having a DR10 or a driving conviction is not the end of the world. As a motor trader however your history may restrict you from driving certain tonnage vehicles, at least for a while and you will certainly face higher premiums due to the possibility of high claims after accidental damage. The average DR10 penalty holder will likely not receive the same conviction again. Young drivers will definitely find premiums sky rocketing but main idea is to find a cheap motor trader insurance policy, while being honest, drive carefully, keep your driving record clean and monthly premiums will start to reduce again. If anything, in insurance you do get rewarded for good performance.

Is It Possible To Get Zero Deposit Traders Insurance For 25 Year Olds?

Due to the marketing efforts of a few car insurance brokers, some people have been led to believe that it is possible to get something for nothing. Within the realm of motor trade insurance it is not actually possible to gain any form of technical and operable insurance that pays out without first putting anything down, in others words, you have to pay something. Zero deposit motor trade insurance simply doesn't exist, whether you're 25 years old, 18 years old or eighty five. Imagine if an insurance house was to discount all its first month premiums to zero. Low cost, affordable enough for everyone to get on board. A full 30 day discount, zero deposit, zero payment, have 30 days on your motor trade insurance gratis. To get help and know more about any driver policies go to our FAQ section. Then a BBC weatherman predicts the weekend to be sunny but instead an almighty storm hits. One million happy motor traders are really delirious they paid nothing on their first 30 day's insurance policy but then the company went bust as it had no funds to pay for the country wide accidental damage.

Doing The Sums on Zero Deposit Insurance Claims

An insurance company's main task is to pay out large sums of money at random moments to help people who paid for cover. Often the payments made would never realistically cover a person's individual damaged assets. However the pooled money from many people might be able to pay multiple claims but not entirely. To get a cheap trade policy fill in our quote form. The rest of the monthly premiums paid, a portion, get sent to the stock markets to make money and invest in other companies and provide pensions. It is not possible for an insurer to ever offer zero deposit motor trade insurance to young traders, new ventures or people in Birmingham and London.

But What About The Cooling Off Period?

There are some forms of insurance which work great for an insurance company when it comes to promises and guarantees. Take life insurance. If you are not happy within 14 days of the policy taking effect you can cancel it, if you haven't already died and even then, odds are that the policy would only pay out after six months. To better know what trade insurance is then it is wise to speak to a specialist like Evans and Lewis Insurance. The fact is you can indeed cancel a motor trade insurance policy after a short cooling off period. However the policy never starts the date you signed or made first payment, but on the day after the cooling off period ends.

So I'm afraid zero deposit motor trade insurance is as much a possibility as wishing for three years that Brexit would never happen. There are however a range of other low cost routes and ways to reduce monthly premiums and take advantage of offers. An insurance house doesn't much care if payments are divisible exactly by 12 and they may even accept a lower initial monthly fee if the statistics work in their favour. Talk to a specialist motor trade broker to find the best price deal, see whats available for new start ups , available payment holidays, discuss the advantages and disadvantages and take the benefits of a proper trade insurance offer instead.

The changes that Brexit will have on motor trade insurance in the UK

Brexit and Motor trade insurance has so far escaped Project Fear because in the mindset of those who talk up fantastical problems, they have probably failed to understand the complicated movement of money that occurs at insurance houses across the globe that keep the working man in business. In the UK the industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, within the EU it's EIOPA. If a no deal Brexit was confirmed tomorrow you may have been lead to believe that as a Truck driver the world would stop revolving. True in part that in respect of a no deal, driving licences may need internationally recognised permits, trailers may need additional registrations and checks implemented at borders (1) but as far as insurance goes, it is really too big a beast to tamper with.

It's conceivable that post Brexit motor trade insurance premiums may even reduce.

Are you understanding any of this? It's a well used response but in a way yes. Rules and Motor trade insurance regulations can affect who can drive and what minimum requirements are needed. The premiums are paid by a million and one Truckers, transporters, MOT centres and any number of related trade businesses to a handful of insurance houses. These are based in the UK, EU, global and with subsidiaries. It's not only money from other premium payers that pay you when a hammer is stolen, your car is broken into or your 70 tonne truck ploughs into a barn. Insurance companies invest a small but significant percentage in stocks, bonds and investments. Any change in that money transfer and a lot of companies listed on European, Asian and American stock markets are going to wonder where the inflow of money went.Who can drive under a motor trade policy will vary by country and uninsured cars will still need trade plates. What has this to do with any changes that Brexit will have on understanding traders insurance in the UK?

Any existing policyholders that have single country and cross border contracts with insurers that are in the UK and EU should notice zero cover changes or charges. Many insurance companies have put into effect a Part VII transfer plan which has transferred your policy to a company that can legally (it's hoped) pay out a claim in the event it is required and you may well have already received notification of this, if it was necessary to do so. The over-riding holding company will be the same, simply subsidiaries in whichever region pick up the legal slack to keep your policy in place. In this respect what exactly will change? The vehicle parts chain continues, the labour and servicing is maintained, car factories keep making cars to offset currency fluctuation with overheads, nor will the repair work shops move. Your policies are safe but who can drive and can anyone get a traders policy will become a part of the new world. The only residual effect of a no deal Brexit or maintaining new finance laws in a post Brexit world is that premiums may increase. For UK based truckers with UK bound logistics abiding by Ul motor trade insurance regulations and rules, it's conceivable that post Brexit motor trade insurance premiums may even reduce.

What effect will electric cars have on traders insurance regulations and rules?

As aficionados of all things new in the motor trade, we appreciate that customers believe that when taking out traders insurance as a young driver that an electrical car that is green, climate friendly, doesn't use fossil fuels directly and is an energy saving icon of the noughties, should mean lower insurance premiums. Unfortunately for many reasons it's simply not true.

Electrical powered cars have been around for 120 years, believe it or not Mr Ripley. Only now in the modern era of vehicle manufacturing can energy be stored sufficiently within a battery to run for a known length of time and power an engine just enough to hit required mileage on a motorway. Technology is fast accelerating in this area but so too are the premiums.

Can anyone drive without understanding trade insurance rules for uninsured cars?

As discussed elsewhere new technology does not naturally mean that while a motor vehicle is more efficient and Earth friendly, that it will cost less to repair. To make a comparison for almost every one million new car registrations, less than 1% are electric while the rest are petrol or diesel. 1.2 million diesel / petrol cars sold versus 7881 electrical cars in the period January to June 2018. You may well be a motor trader that's a revolutionary however the revolution has not even begun despite all the talk in the media.

Can anyone drive without understanding trade insurance rules for uninsured cars? Yes an insurer uses mathematical equations to arrive at a costing for each individual policy. Accidents in older cars or known performance cars with parts that have a history of wear and tear and calibration are known quantities due to historic data. New electrical cars with new car parts, batteries which only have a manufacturer warranty without known design faults recorded are a liability.

Electrical cars may also have a range of differing tech problems with software and so the people required to fix these machines need different knowledge and learning curves and are not in abundance. Less knowledge and less availability of parts which makes them more expensive to cover and replace, makes electric car insurance more expensive for young drivers taking out trader's insurance. On top of the already inherent liability that you may be under the age of 25 and represent more risk to an insurer statistically. So what's the answer? Understand the rules and regulations for uninsured cars and who can drive and can anyone have one of these before buying a policy.

What will driverless cars do to trade insurance regulations?

Will insurance premiums decrease with driverless cars being the norm? Is it too early to ask? Autopilot. Planes have had the technology for decades, mainly because there is nothing to obstruct a plane at 35,000 feet but other planes which are carefully navigated by humans in airport control centres. Cars on the other hand have firstly the road to contend with, the ability to read road markings, pay attention to traffic lights and then there's the problem of humans, pesky two legged creatures that run in front of moving vehicles, walk along pavements and have the audacity not to keep up with technology and have cars that they drive themselves - don't they know that's dangerous!?!

Driverless Cars And The Law

Unbeknown to a lot of people autonomous cars have been on our roads, well mainly in America, driving themselves for a few years now. People have died. Can anyone understand who can drive who cannot drive with the rules and regulations and minimum requirements for motor trade insurance relating to uninsured cars. Precedents have already been set. Take for instance the Tesla car driver who switched on Autopilot, drove under a truck and hurtled off the side of the road. Was technology to blame or the driver? Courts found that it was human error because the driver should have seen the truck and had seven seconds to react. Seven seconds. This tech is at an early stage, humans should not be so self reliant on a system and should understand they have to be aware all the time. Another incident where a person walked in front of another driverless car was proved to be human error, this time the fault of the human who walked in front of the car.

As of now, no car or Tesla big rig can be on British or American highways without first gaining permission for routes or without having a human driver present to react, even if the trucks or cars are in convoy. This is a testing period which if we go by American law, will take ten years initially. That said, it is legal to purchase a semi Autonomous Tesla car or whichever manufacturer comes next and press AutoPilot so insurance policies are changing to reflect this new development. They have to.

The UK government via a variety of Bills in the House of Commons have progressed to a point where they have agreed that courts should deliberate in the aftermath of an accident or fault, that insurance companies are to pay out in the event their party is at fault. Which party is that? Car companies can be directly to blame for an accident as it is, in the main, their software and programming that is assuming responsibility for driver, its own tech reporting and maintenance and that of everyone else and everything else around that machine. While in the two incidents mentioned human error was to blame, manufacturers will certainly bear the brunt of financial compensation on a much larger scale in the medium to long term.

Where is the cheapest traders insurance price?

Do you run a car showroom? Independent or across the country? Second hand or new? Does it matter? Yes it does. With a new policy every particular element of a policy is tailored to your needs. That's why you not only need to know where is the cheapest trade insurance price to be found online. You also have to enquire as to who can supply the best coverage for any given quote. Most businesses understand the need to have a comprehensive trade policy in place. New motor traders may make the mistake of buying into an insurance package that only just covers them and their business activities, and barely. Let's understand why this is a problem.

Insurance revolves around risks that may or may not happen. Your premiums are based on these risks when pooled against a whole group with the same risk. It is then spread across those who have a less risk to bring the cost down further. You may well see to find where is the cheapest trade insurance price and quote for you. But it is all in your control. If you aim for the cheapest traders quote, a problem could arise if your the sums value you are insured for, is less than the claim payout. This isn't good for anybody and being under insured could cost your business dear. That's why you should seek the best deal on trader's insurance and not simply the cheapest premium.

Where is the cheapest trade insurance price in the UK

You can lower your risk evaluation by helping an underwriter understand what steps you take to reduce the risk on their insurance company. Our brokers stand ready to help in that aim with tips and advice on how to secure your vehicles better. Ensure preventative maintenance on vehicles that are more prone to parts failures and breakdown. to combine insurance policies wherever possible. Whether that be buildings, public liability, Goods in Transit or employer's insurance. We'll help you pool no claims bonuses across all drivers. Making it easy for you to update MID database and driver details with one phone call. Don't ask us where is the cheapest trade insurance price, ask what is the best motor trade insurance quote for your company and staff. Call today and find out.

How do I get information about traders cover?

You would think it a much easier and simple task to research the subject of motor trade insurance online these days. Unfortunately due to the wealth of information supplied by many different websites. With often contradictory and out of date advice. Seeking an answer to "how do I get information about traders cover for my business" is anything but easy. Until now. Pick up the phone and call us and we'll help you instantly. If for some reason we cannot solve your situation on the spot, we'll take your details and find out how it can be resolved.

Far too many businesses involved in UK trade insurance offers are only interested in getting your signature. Most fail to realise that a broker is there to help you with any and all your questions. It's why we provide 24 hour support so that if you need to change Goods in Transit for a new contract. That you can with ease and in seconds. If you need to pop over to Europe and pick up fresh fruit and veg. We'll sort your extra EU breakdown recovery days instantly. If you need info about motor trade insurance cover, simply call or email and tops, advice and options on how to reduce your monthly trade insurance premiums will be offered.

How you get information about business cover matters to a busy business such as yours. Either spending time on the road as an owner driver. Or running a fleet of multi type vehicles. Organising drivers, routes and vehicle maintenance. Our insurance brokers and staff are always at hand to help you whatever the situation. Can you get a discount for parking in a CCTV lock up overnight? Does your policy cover vehicles at home and for personal use? Contracts have changed and now doing lower mileage. Or perhaps you're concerned that your business premises cover isn't up to scratch. Call and ask us how do I get information about traders cover and you will already have done so.

How do I find the best car traders insurance price?

One of the most common motor trade searches is "How do I find the best car traders insurance price online?" You can be forgiven for typing in the same as despite there being hundreds of websites to help you, that's the reason it is more difficult. Too many brokerages these days take the option of offering automated services. With very few enabling prospective customers the ability to chat. The best car trader's insurance cannot always be found by online tools alone. Which is why we welcome all visitors to the website to pick up the phone and chat directly with our staff.

Many truckers, car show room owners, valeters and mechanics rarely have the time to search through policy details. Often the terminology is geared to legal eyes rather than the man on the street. At www.motor-trade-insurances.co.uk our specialist brokers do consult databases with the information you provide. However the finer details are all tailor made to your exact business needs. Do you need combined business premises cover? Which class of Goods in Transit best suits your cargo? Many more simply wish to find a way to reduce their monthly premiums. All of these questions are answered much quicker by telephone than deciphering terms from an online quote that is provided automatically.

You can find the best car traders insurance price simply by enlisting the free services of our motor trade brokers. With years of experience we can show you how to get the best pricing on trader's insurance. How to combine multi type vehicles under one policy. With recommendations on insurer software and equipment that aids your prosecution or defence should a claim arise. Automated tools and robotic responses can only assist at arriving at a cheap quote. For a quotation on exact price points for a nationwide car sales business or a haulage company with hundreds of trucks and drivers, details are refined after the quote. We can advise on trade plates, security and more than answer your query of how do you find the best car traders insurance price online.

Who helps you get the lowest traders quote?

We know who helps you get the lowest traders quote for your motor trade business. We also know who can drive down costs without you even asking. You may be wondering why a broker wishes to cut corners to make monthly premiums cheaper. It would appear to be the only industry that races to get to the bottom and make as least profit as possible. However, as this is a custom insurance for traders, the idea behind such a tactic is that everyone gains value. It's not a race to be the cheapest and cut every corner. It's about providing the proper coverage with the correct sums valued insurance.

Your personal motor trade insurance broker will collate the details you provide via the short enquiry form. Comparing data from the MID database, checking criminal and vehicle history and research comparative manufacturer claims. Parts replacement and issues, vehicle crash information and access to repair networks all automatically get priced in. After which, they will call you to discuss your provisional quote and find a way to lower the given annual premium cost. These are professional and seasoned trade insurance specialists. Brokers who help you get the lowest traders quote while at the same time, ensuring you get maximum coverage. Recommending combined premises cover, built in public liability, indemnity and employer's insurance wherever needed.

Breakdown recovery insurance UK wide and for the European continent. Goods in Transit classes for spoiled goods, dangerous and your own or another company. Windscreen cover, collective driver no claims bonuses and multiple vehicle types. These are just a few of the policies we will streamline. As well as providing you with insurer telematics, dashboard cams and software. A first class defence and prosecution should a claim arise and 24 hour support. With tips and advice on how to reduce trader premiums, you're in the right place to get full coverage at the least cost. So who helps you get the lowest traders quote? We do and not just the lowest, the best.

Do you have to be a trader to have traders insurance?

Some people think it's a good idea to try and get motor trade insurance so they can ensure multiple vehicles for their family. Mainly because it is a more cost effective way of insuring Mum, Dad and their children's cars. Without first asking, do you have to be a trader to have traders insurance accepted? The answer to which is YES. Apply at any brokerage or direct from a UK trade insurer and you'll always receive the same response. Before finalising any quotation and documents being despatched, you may well be asked for proof of trading. If you do not buy or sell vehicles, repair or maintain cars or trucks, this policy is not available to you.

There are minor exceptions however. If you have a full time job and have a hobby that involves car repairs. Perhaps an antique car restorer or part time breakdown recovery agent. Or you like to buy vehicles on the cheap, do them up in your spare time and resell them for an higher value. Then you can get a form of part time trader's insurance that will provide the kind of cover you are seeking. Again, you will have to prove this part time activity is legitimate. Even if you only buy one car in a six month period you are legally obliged to apply extensive cover. Insurers are likely to accept anyone who can show proof that they operate in the motor trade.

Because you do trade in vehicles, the law states that you need additional cover for public liability. However small an amount of sums value insurance that might be. It will also protect you against any indemnity claims for work you carry out. Your typical home insurance does not cover for repairing vehicles on your drive away and the visitors, that may arrive. Why do you have to be a trader to have traders insurance? It's not the perks that you get, like being able to insure personal vehicles or use trade plates. It's simply a cost effective measure by insurance companies. If experienced traders are only accepted and claims are kept to business related issues. While claims can be higher, insurers are grouped so they receive the exact service, cover and legal response required.

Can I drive my own car on a traders policy?

At least once a week we get asked "Can I drive my own car on a traders policy?" Or can I add my mother, brother and cousin on to a family car policy and take advantage of discounts on a motor trade insurance policy? The main aspect of this form of insurance is that it is for motor traders only. You will probably be asked during application, for proof of trading. This can either be receipts for cars bought or sold, tax documents or invoices to show that you have undertaken repairs to your own or other people's vehicles. Whether you operate full time, part time or have your own premises. As long as you buy and sell vehicles or make repairs or are involved in the motor trade as a transporter or recovery agent, then you can apply for a trader's policy.

If you just need cover for private car usage unfortunately you won't be accepted by an underwriter. Those that do qualify still ask if they can drive their own car on a traders policy. The answer is yes, in most cases the vehicle will need to have a business related purpose. They can be any type of vehicle for private use. You can even have named drivers which are family related as long as again, the purpose of which is for use within your business. This is a perk and you can often drive down monthly premiums by insuring several vehicles at once. Though keeping under 25's on restricted use would still be wise until experience proven.

The policy particulars you will need to consider while applying are; who will drive the vehicles you wish to register? Who owns the vehicles and do you require trade plates for untaxed vehicles? Do you operate part time from home or perhaps require combined business premises cover built in? Most importantly of all, you will be asked what is the use and purpose of the vehicles that are to registered to the Motor Insurance Database. As different situations offer varied risk values which need the appropriate public liability sum attached for full cover. Tools and personal belongings can be insured against fire and theft too. If you're still asking "Can I drive my own car on a traders policy." Call immediately and we'll help you further.

Do I need a specialist to get a cheap car motor trade insurance quote ?

Finding cheap car motor trade insurance quotes are not the most challenging aspect your business faces. With a little common sense and asking many questions. Both about yourself, your drivers, the business and premises. It can be quite easy to drive down costs on monthly trader's insurance premiums. Ask yourself, do I need a specialist to get a cheap car motor trade insurance quote? The answer is no, but there's a BUT. But it might be a lot quicker, save you time, days and weeks, if you use a specialist broker to arrange your cover.

In simple terms, someone who offers insurance deals day in day out will know a lot more about the terms and policy particulars than you ever will. While it seems obvious to put additional locks on vehicles, combine motor trade all road risks with premises cover. Park overnight in a secure area and so on. Even if we remember things going into a conversation, who will check these points before finalising?

To gain a greater understanding and knowledge about this see the questions answered  on our home page. Cheap trade insurance is not found by cutting the value of sums insurance or by missing certain details out.

It's important to reveal everything to a broker even if it seems unimportant. Do you know what every word means in a policy document? Can you chat to an underwriter to get a cheaper quote? Are you able to tell the difference between the way certain terminology is written, which could mean you can add private cars and your wife can drive another vehicle not owned by you? Ask again, do I need a specialist to get a cheap car motor trade insurance quote? No, but if you are unclear on some aspects, wish to complete the process quicker or get some advice along the way. Where's the harm in getting free assistance from a specialist?


Is car traders insurance available if you only buy and sell the odd car?

Either as a hobby or for supplemental income, many thousands of people work from home in the motor trade business. they might buy old cars to revamp them and sell at auction. Flip modern cars and trucks and make a profit. Buy antique cars for a hobby and then sell them on to fund their next project. Or be someone looking to start their car maintenance business on the side while still in full time employment. Is car traders insurance available if you only buy and sell the odd car? It most certainly is and it's important to remember that it is required by law.

The main reason you are obliged to get combined  trader's insurance is your home insurance does not protect for the additional activity. Repairing and working on a vehicle of any age or value and indeed someone else's car, leaves you without any cover. Firstly for indemnity insurance, should any damage arise from the work you carry out. You could be sued and lose your home. Just as important is the liability cover. Should an accident occur on your home's land by a visitor or your car that you fixed is party to a claim, your personal or home insurance may not cover this action.

While the car trader's insurance premiums might be slightly higher than personal car cover, you need to consider the benefits. Full legal representation, ability to add private cars to the policy and options on trade plates for untaxed vehicles. If you need your questions and queries answered and explained follow the link. Call one of our specialist today and ask is car traders insurance available if you only buy and sell the odd car? We'll provide you with all the tips and advice to get inclusions for breakdown recovery, low mileage and reduce your annual premiums and have you covered by the end of the day.


Can a part time car body repairs specialist have a trade insurance policy?

Wouldn't it be nice to use cruise control when it comes to navigating motor trade insurance? How difficult could it be to buy into the insurance we all need anyway? If you need additional information  then see our FAQs.No matter your niche activity we have the answers and if we don't, we'll call an underwriter and find them. Can a part time car body repairs specialist have a trade insurance policy? The simple answer is yes. Trade insurance is a tailored product that is built specifically for each person that enquires. Both the person and the business are the template for any quote and ensuing policy document and cover.

Whether you're working out a dent in a door, fixing spoilers, addressing scratches on the car's paintwork or getting rid of bumper scuffs. It doesn't matter whether you are trading part time or full time you need a similar amount of cover. The law requires you to have additional coverage and motor trade insurance if you work with cars, maintain or buy and sell vehicles. Even a car body shop requires indemnity cover and public liability insurance. Why? Because if a modification falls off and injures someone else, if a visitor slips in your garage or a vehicle suddenly explodes, everyone involved needs insurance cover.

You may not need all road risks if you are working from the one building and not towing or driving anybody else's vehicles and they come to you. But buildings insurance or additional bespoke body shop traders insurance for the home and garage may be essential. Can a part time car body repairs specialist have a trade insurance policy? Yes and it is advisable that if you don't have cover, that you pick up the phone and get instant cover today. Even if a vehicle is only in your care for an hour, who knows what will happen!


Where can I get motor trade insurance advice and assistance?

Being in the motor trade business you pick up a lot of knowledge on every aspect of your business. How to maintain vehicles, why an engine sounds the way it does and which part has malfunctioned. You know driver routes, driving habits, how to secure vehicles and so on. You may even know quite a lot about Goods in Transit insurance and the correct class. How to secure cheaper windscreen cover and to remember to transfer driver no claims bonuses. Yet most understand that it's impossible to know everything all of the time.

At some point you'll choose to ask "where can I get motor trade insurance advice and assistance?" and in all probability this is where you will end up. Mainly because we have tips, advice and free assistance coming out of our ears. Our specialist brokers take the time to provide the information rather than just getting you to sign off on anything. They want you to understand the policy you are taking out. They wish you to ask as many questions as you need to. And they will ask you many in return. Why?

to get you the cheapest motor trade insurance policy possible that is correct for your business activity. Not by cutting corners, not by undervaluing your assets and certainly not by breaking the law. You need indemnity insurance, liability cover, breakdown recovery assurance and all the help you can get. With full legal back and more tips and advice via a 24 hour help line you'll not need to ask "Where can I get motor trade insurance advice and assistance?" simply complete the brief enquiry form and we'll call you straight back. You will soon know if your vehicles, security, drivers and premises are offering enough savings on your insurance policy.


Can I put my brother on my motortraders policy?

There are a thousand different ways you can get covered under a motor trader's policy. There are however only

three main aspects which allow you to qualify. Either you buy and sell vehicles, transport goods or people or you provide maintenance and repairs. Because of the benefits such as trade plates and named drivers, some private car owners try to get this policy cover. We are regularly asked, can we put my Sister or Dad on the policy. Can I put my brother on my motortraders policy? In short, no.

The long answer is yes but very rarely does a question asked this way, end up being positive. For your Brother or Mum or Sister to find their way on to a policy as a named driver. They would have to play a part in your business's trading activity. While you yourself can add private vehicles and your Wife may be able to drive them for private reasons - depending on the actual wording within a document. This form of cover does not really extend to Brothers, Sisters or a Cousin forty-two times removed and in all probability, the next King of England.

Motor trader insurance is a serious policy to cover serious business activity. Where life and trading can be instantly halted by an accident or injury. To keep costs down, only those who truly qualify for this tailored policy are permitted as named drivers or policy holders. Can I put my brother on my motortraders policy? No, but if you was to ask, "can I put my brother on a policy who does deliveries in his car every Friday afternoon?" the answer could well be yes. Why not complete our quick enquiry form and we'll call you back at your earliest convenience. This is a custom policy and many particulars can be added.


5 Steps To Motor Trade Insurance

If you’re about to set up a business in car sales, you really need to think about getting the right motor trade insurance. It’s one of those details that has to be taken care of before you open your doors to the public. And even if it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to you right now, you can’t afford to ignore it if you want to run your business in the right way from day one.

By taking the right steps and looking for motor trade insurance policies in the right way, you can get good value for money. That’s what’s most important, as long as you also get the cover that you want and need. There are some tips that can help you before you start searching for cover. 5 of the best of these are discussed below. Make the most of these tips, and always make sure that you find the insurance solution that’s right for your particular business.

1. Speak to a Broker

It’s always best to use the services of a specialist broker when you’re trying to find motor trade insurance. It’s a pretty niche form of insurance, so it’s preferable to buy from a company that knows what it’s doing. Otherwise, you could end up with cover that’s simply not fit for purpose. If you choose to speak to a broker before you make any buying decisions, you will be able to get the right advice as well, which can help a lot.

When you find a broker who has years of experience handling these kinds of insurance policies and helping businesses like yours, they will offer you invaluable assistance. It’s something that can help you to save money and time. For people who are new to this business sector, working with people who have expert knowledge and experience is really important. Brokers are also great at surveying the options and presenting the most suitable deals for your consideration. It’ll make your life a lot easier.

2. Figure Out What You Need to Cover

Every business is unique, and you have to keep this in your mind when you are thinking about what kind of cover you’ll need. You need to figure out what your needs are before you start your search. Think about what you want your business to do and achieve. These things will matter a lot when it comes to making your decision. There are so many things that businesses that sell cars might need cover for, so think carefully.

Some examples of motor trade cover will offer you cover for things such as tools or the premises where you’re located. But other deals will cover different things if you need extra advice and help follow the link. Make a list of everything that you want to be covered by the motor trade insurance policy you eventually get. And then make sure that you show this list of things to the broker you talk to. Give the broker you choose as much information as possible to help you out and find you the cover you want.

3. Compare Quotes

Comparing quotes is a pretty basic piece of advice, but it’s something that many people still don’t bother to do. This is a big mistake because when you don't compare the options to each other, you will end up choosing a deal that’s wrong for you. That’s not what you want to happen, so never sign any papers until you have made sure that there is not a better deal out there. Luckily for you, it’s never been easier to compare quotes than it is right now.

There are sites out there that allow you to collect quotes together and view them all in the same place. This is great for people who want to find their own deal without getting help from a broker. And even if you do work with a broker, you still need to look at and compare all the quotes that are put in front of you. Get to know what makes a quote good and what makes a quote bad.

4. Apply Driving Restrictions

You can get a much better deal on your insurance policy if you apply restrictions to who can drive the vehicles that your customers own. When only one or two people are covered by the insurance policy, it’s cheaper than covering lots of people. Not everyone thinks of this when they are applying for motor trade insurance, but it’s something that is definitely worth keeping in mind. Choose drivers you know you can trust and rely on behind the wheel.

You should also think about the claims history of the people who you are including on the policy. If the policy only covers people who have never made a claim on their other insurance policies in the past, the overall deal will be much cheaper for you. So, choose carefully when deciding who to name as covered drivers on the business’s motor trade insurance policy. Putting the right restrictions in place and choosing the right kind of people will result in the best deal for the company.

5. Be Sure to Read the Small Print

This is a vital thing to remember when you are taking out a motor trade insurance policy for our company. If you don’t read the small print of the deal, you could end up making a mistake that later proves to be hugely damaging for your company. The terms and conditions found in the small print of the deal won’t necessarily be covered by what the salesperson tells you. Of course, most people working in the insurance industry are trustworthy and reliable. But that doesn’t change the fact that you should always be careful when agreeing a deal.

Many people don’t realise the small things that eventually matter a lot can all be found in the small print of their policy documentation. And by reading it before you sign it, you’ll know exactly know what you’re getting yourself and your company into. That can only be a good thing, so don’t skip this final stage of the process.


This is provided to help those looking into a traders policy to understand the relevant terms

Road risk insurance

Not all motor traders have their business run from a building or premises. There are many part time traders who buy and sell vehicles. Breakdown recovery agents who work from home and owner drivers who park up at night in a lot and maintain receipts from their own home. All road risk insurance is for road only. Road risk policies are certainly provide a cheap solution for individuals working from home. Containing fire and theft, fully comp, windscreen cover and against break ins, breakdown, accidents, tool and contents theft.

Motor trade insurance

You are obliged by law to have a form of liability insurance if you buy, sell or maintain other people's vehicles and or transport vehicles or goods and to have traders policy for this purpose. This for motor traders is termed motor trade insurance. It can cover insurance for buildings, vehicles, tools and for burglary, accidents, vehicle theft, fire and accidents. On top of which you can add Employer's insurance cover and tailor any aspect to individual business activity.

Trade Insurance

If you buy or sell vehicles, transport goods or have a business that offers services which maintain vehicles you need to have motor trader's insurance in place. It's a special insurance policy tailored to your exact business needs. A broker will build a Trade Insurance policy that covers indemnity for work carried out, will cover tools and equipment. As well as the usual all road risks, buildings insurance if required and breakdown recovery amongst many other particulars.

Traders Insurance

If you are involved in the motor trade you need a form of insurance that covers every aspect of your business activity. It includes policy particulars for the legally obliged public liability cover, any indemnity insurance required and the correct value for sums insured. You can also build in Goods in Transit, Employers and Employees cover with premises insurance. With legal assistance / representation and cover against theft, accidents and fire to vehicles and buildings.

Combined motor trade insurance

Insurance for the motor trade is a tailored policy document for your individual business. Full time traders have a business premises they own or rent. Employees may use the facility or the public may visit to have work carried out. Combined motor trade insurance reduces insurance premiums by having buildings insurance covered within a single all road risks and premises insurance policy. Covering against fire, burglary, structural damage, theft and accidents by people or vehicles.

Motor trade insurance with additional business use

Insurance for the motor trade can be as comprehensive and niche as the businesses that trade in the industry. Many business owners realise sooner rather than later that it's best to have one policy and one monthly premium. With one policy covering buildings, all road risks, employer's insurance and Motor trade insurance with additional business use. That will cover for employee accidents and sick pay, customer belongings and extraordinary commercial activity.

Traders Policy

Every motor trader in the industry has a Trader's policy that protects their business all year round. The actual policy document is manually built by a broker. It contains all relevant information about your business and the protection that it is being offered. While long, it accounts the sums valued for each aspect. From tool and machinery replacement value to vehicle replacement and area of coverage.

Cheap traders insurance

Cheap doesn't necessarily mean the insurance policy fell off the back of a lorry. Many traders wish to lower premiums but do so in a manner which still offers protection. Our brokers take great care in ensuring that cheap is assured by way of increasing security and offering advice. Rather than reducing cover, sums value cover and cutting corners. The best cheap traders insurance lowers costs but maintains coverage.

Motor trade insurance with SDP

The motor trade comes with a variety of benefits that private vehicle owners try to gain access to. However you do need to be able to show business receipts to gain this cover. As well as trade plates, one such benefit is Motor trade insurance with SDP included. SDP stands for Social, Domestic and Pleasure activity. Providing the policy is set up correctly, you can insure personal vehicles and receive Class 1 business use for part time occupations.

Motor trade insurance with convictions

All in the motor trade industry and the wider general public must have a form of trader's insurance to meet legal obligations should they trade vehicles or transport goods full or part time. Some of you may have picked up penalty points or more serious driving convictions. This is a higher risk group which has its own form of Motor trade insurance with convictions, that builds in additional sums value cover while enabling you to gain cover.

Motor Trade Insurance Policies from £499
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Motor Trade Insurance Services

Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

Finding the right cheap motor trade insurance policy can take considerable effort but we can help part time and full time car sellers and combine the best deal and the right support, first time every time. We offer free quotes for discount  motor traders insurance online with no deposit,
and have some providers that can include under 25s. How are you going to locate the most practical answer and advice in the shortest period and talk to an expert? Why should you settle for a high price when there are good traders insurance deals around. Can you find a better solution and see what is new  ventures get in the trade market?

Accessing the correct experience and knowledge is very important and we invite you to see what solutions we can offer. Time and time again we help motortraders save money and save time and get happy customers recommending us to others.
So that you can get on running your car trade business in a successful way. What better way than speaking to us for the cheapest traders cover in the sector. We can combine a trade policy and include staff and buildings cover in one. We also  enable you to have any driver included within all facets of the policy.

What car traders say about us is truly amazing as the saving can be so large . In conclusion we aim to assist motortrade business owners seek and find the most suitable and honest deal that they really need and can back this up with excellent customer service.

What about new ventures and new set up I may here you say, well these can all be covered to and we have considerable expertise to zoning in on the correct cover and we are pioneers of helping operations getting going and including additional business use with the car sellers policy.  (Motor Trade Insurance)

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Road Risk Insurance

Road Risk Insurance

Evans & Lewis Insurance specialise in providing Road Risk Insurance for Motor Trade business’ and business’ that sell vehicles.  In recent times there has been a contraction in the Insurance market within this sector.  There are now fewer Insurers to provide these types of policies.  We  have an experienced team providing competitive quotes for Road Risk and also provide cheap combined Motor Trade Insurance.  We offer a range of payment options that can assist individuals to spread their payments over a variety of terms.

So whether you are looking for a Road Risk policy or Motor Trade Insurance with premises cover, it is extremely important to talk to a specialist in the Market like Evans & Lewis.  It will take a short time to go through your insurance requirements and we provide quotes for Motor Trade Insurance combined with Buildings and also Employers Liability and Public Liability. 

We  can offer a range of different levels of cover.  From third party only, third party Fire & Theft or fully comprehensive.  We also provide excess options from £250 - £1000.  There are also specialist policies which cover vehicles in transit, vehicles left at business premises and it is also possible to protect your no claims bonus.  (Road Risk Insurance)

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Combined Motor Trade Insurance

Combined Motor Trade Insurance

When running  a motor trade business is very important to have the correct insurance policy in place to cover  all eventualities that can arise during the year. If you are employing staff and own a premises then the best cover is a combined motor trade insurance policy that will enable to put all the facets of your company under one roof. The main constituents of the policy are the road risk, employers liability, the public liability and the buildings cover. It is also greatly under estimated the importance of cover that provides revenue for you in the event of fire or flood or any other circumstance that may occur to your business activities.

In order to obtain the best costing it can be advisable to increase the excess as this can assist in lowering the motor trade insurance quote. Once you have identified all the attributes that you require with the policy it is best to speak to several firms who have significant experience and a dynamic approach to the service. Always choose a broker who has a reputable claims handling line because this is in essence what you are paying for.   (Combined Motor Trade Insurance)

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

How To Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance Premiums Through Knowledge Knowing how to get cheap motor trade insurance premiums for your motor trade business can require some brainstorming.

Most operatives in the motor trade are clued up business men in the middle of a daily vehicular business and the last person they wish to deal with is a broker who doesn't know their trade. You know the ins and outs and wish to deal with an insurer which is straight and shows common sense. Understanding the needs of the individual business, premises, vehicles, liabilities, indemnities and drivers to be insured.

Our clients offer advice about cars as a dealership or making essential body and engine repairs as a mechanical repairer whose coverage needs to be the right level to offer customers guarantees on the work carried out. There are also car park owners who are tasked with the safety and security of thousands of cars on a weekly basis, entrusting Evans and Lewis with their livelihoods and insurance coverage. A vast swathe operate in vehicle recovery as a breakdown service or offer garage repairs as mechanics. Their customers expect the highest level of service and so should you. (Cheap Motor Trade Insurance)

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Under 25 Motor Insurance

Under 25 Motor Insurance

Motor trade insurance for the under 25’s has significantly contracted in recent years and there are now only 2 or 3 insurers in the market place who will cater for this type of risk.  Often enough the insurers will request a business plan that provide projecting financial forecasts.  If an individual is looking for a combined  motor trade insurance with premises, then again, a similar format would apply.  The insurers are increasingly wary of individuals who take out this type of policy but are not working within the motor trade.
We have an in depth and broad understanding of the motor trade insurance market and we have gained experience over the years to ensure we can deliver  low cost solutions to suit your business.  When starting off in the motor trade it is of paramount importance to contain all overheads that will enable the business to grow, rather than being lumbered with large costs.
The motor trade insurance that we provide is for vehicle sales, servicing and repair, windscreen fitters, valeters and tyre fitters.  So whatever trade you work in within the motor trade sector, we are confident of finding you the best insurance deal.  As we have worked with our insurers for numerous years, we can negotiate on your behalf to find a motor trade insurance with buildings  solution that is bespoke to each business.  

(Under 25 Motor Trade Insurance)

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